The New Old Men is the combo of Karl Eifrig (aka Eddie P) from Chicago and Josh Lawrence (aka JJ Sonick) from San Francisco. Submit a song request and we may make it into a real song!

Your song idea plus The New Old Men equals an actual song!
Dylan from New York requested we make a punk song called “I Like Tacos” that included the lyrics “i like tacos tacos are great mmmm lovin tacos tacos are my long lost love.” Karl punked it up!

Listen to it:

We fulfilled Kyle Braden‘s request to make a song titled “Dance Like There is no Tomorrow”. He said, “Kinda like the songs playing on the pop radio stations. If possible, with no words just a single karaoke song.” We may have made this a little more 80s/pop-rocky than current pop, but that’s just the way it evolved – continue dancing!

Listen to it:

We fulfilled Badass Beefy from New York’s request to make a song titled “Do the Beefy Shake”!

Listen to it:

On the Rollercoaster of My Life
Submitter gougou requested a song combining acoustic country and jazz, to be called “On the Rollercoaster of My Life”. JJ Sonick looped the loop and fulfilled the request.

Listen to it:

Melanie Kofod asked us to make a blues song called “Bailey, You’re Twelve Today!” saying, “Bailey is the best cat in the entire world! He is a total mama’s boy, but he’s also kind of an asshole at times too. He loves to cuddle and make happy feet and he brings me gifts of headless birds, fully alive birds, dead mice, almost dead mice and sometimes just feathers. His favorite food it cheez-its and he hates living with Abby (the dog).”

Listen to it:

Iain from New Zealand asked us to come up with a song called Murscuddy Delight, saying “It’s a dessert I just made up. Sing its praises!” and asking it to combine the genres of New Wave and Prog.

Listen to it:

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Custom-made songs for free
If you are not interested in commercial or exclusive use of your song, and we pick your request, we fulfill the request for free, and release it as a free download on this site under a Creative Commons license.


Custom-made songs for a fee
If you are interested in exclusive or commercial use of your requested song, you can indicate this when filling out the request form, and we will contact you by email with a price quote based on your request.

Example Fulfilled Requests:
Craig Denniston from Omaha requested ‘Brrrrrrraaaaaaaains’, so we zombied it up for him.

Listen to Braaaaains by The New Old Men:

Vinita Chhahira requested a song done in a Bollywood / Bhangra style that would include the dentist-visit-related lyrics “I wore cool shades”, “There’s protein in my saliva” & “My teeth were media-blasted”.

Listen to Sanjay’s Dentist Appointment by J.J. Sonick:

Panchitah from LA, California requested Forget It – ‘a fun song to make me smile while I’m all borked and stuff. You know, “Dont worry be happy” style. Also, about how forgetful I am’. Karl says: ‘I may have missed the mark a little bit as far as the actual request goes, but I think I achieved a sort of Bobby-McFerrin-sings-Tom-Cruise’s-opinions-on-the-pharmaceutical-industry vibe, and hope this helps the requester feel less borked in general.’

Listen to Forget It by Karl Eifrig:

Breanne Kato from California requested a reggae song about Pete, her ‘algae-eating aquarium fish’ who ‘couldn’t care less that Skeletor the goldfish [his previous aquarium roommate] is dead.’ Karl obliged:

Listen to Pete the Algae-Eating Aquarium Fish by Karl Eifrig:

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