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Aaron Belcher from CA requested a song titled Freedom Poodle, provided full lyrics and suggested “I was thinking Frank Black’s Calistan meets the theme from Gilligans Island… but, well, I’m unwell in the head.” We added a bit more Pixie-ish than Frank-Black-solo touches to the final song, but hopefully Aaron is still happy with Freedom Poodle’s realization in song.

Listen to Freedom Poodle, fulfilled by The New Old Men:

Mr San from New Zealand requested a song called Mr San’s World Tour to commemorate his upcoming vacation with stops around the world. Based on his itinerary, here’s what JJ Sonick came up with.

Listen to Mr San’s World Tour, fulfilled by JJ Sonick:

Mr Sans World Tour
Jessica Christian from Virginia requested a song titled either “Dress Down Heroes” or “Heroes in Jeans” that would encourage faculty and staff at the school she works at to participate in “dress down” weeks. Staff can contribute $10 and get to dress casual for the week, and the money goes to Relay for Life, a cancer research charity. To craft this epic ballad, Karl enlisted Ryan Murphy on drums, Grant Sutton on bass, Sean Shipley on lead guitar and Josh Lawrence on brass keyboards/lyric tweaking. (Photo by Marcos Andre).

Listen to Dress Down Heroes by Karl Eifrig:

Heroes in Heroes
Phatemokid from Los Angeles, CA requested a song titled Death to Apple ^_^, which would incorporate Pop, Electronica, Acoustic, Prog, New Wave and Rockabilly. He directed “Think natural disaster meets 5 minute roller coaster that ends with a clear vision of the Pacific ocean.” The natural disaster didn’t really make it in, but we did try to shove all those genres in, and made some pro-banana, anti-apple propaganda lyrics. Also, no Macs were harmed in the making of this song – in fact, two Macs were used to create it.

Listen to Death to Apple ^_^ by The New Old Men:

Death to Apple ^_^
Kai Balbin from Orange County, CA suggested the song title Diwata, which is a Filipino word for ‘goddess’ or ‘fairy’, and requested the song sound like ‘maybe sigur ros meet radiohead meet the album leaf/roots of orchis.’

Listen to Diwata by J.J. Sonick:

Dave Mora to make a short 8-bit instrumental called Warning! This is Useless that would be ‘High Tempo with maybe a few bass drops – Serve as a warning to what you are about to listen to. If the lyrics “Listen discretion is mandated” , “Everything you hear is the truth unless it is a lie” , “If you are easily offended please delete this track” are spoken that would be great;”

Listen to Warning! This is Useless by The New Old Men

Download it
(The versions with alternate spoken parts are available here.)

Melanie Kofod asked us to make a blues song called “Bailey, You’re Twelve Today!” saying, “Bailey is the best cat in the entire world! He is a total mama’s boy, but he’s also kind of an asshole at times too. He loves to cuddle and make happy feet and he brings me gifts of headless birds, fully alive birds, dead mice, almost dead mice and sometimes just feathers. His favorite food it cheez-its and he hates living with Abby (the dog).”

Listen to it:

Joanne Fong from San Francisco, CA challenged us to make a song based on this photo. Here’s the result – a tale of a heroic(?) canine vs. possessed… well, you’ll just have to listen. Song includes special guest narration by Eileen Rivera as the dog owner)

Listen to Dog Saves the Day by The New Old Men:

Dog Saves the Day
Mr San from New Zealand (yes, he got in TWO requests) requested the song title “On my next holiday I will travel to Atiu where I will eat succulent beche de mer and corned beef” (!), and that it be done as a “smooth jazz / country fusion – my two least favorite genres”. Josh used some MIDI generators to make the smooth country jazz-ness. You’ve been warned!

Listen to On my next holiday I will travel to Atiu where I will eat succulent beche de mer and corned beef by JJ Sonick:

Panchitah from Los Angeles, California (another double-requester) asked for a song in tribute to the ‘unknown errors are happening’ error message that occasionally can be seen on the fun social communication site plurk.com. The music was produced on an 8-bit Apple II computer.

Listen to Unknown Errors are Happening by JJ Sonick:

Errors Are Happening
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